Ever or Never

  • Year of birth 2009
  • Breed KWPN
  • Sire Zento
  • Dame Zarita
  • Mother's Father Manhattan
  • Height ca. 165 cm
  • Color Bay
  • Disciplines Show Jumping
  • X-Rays Yes
  • Price B 20000€ ≤ B < 50000€
Cat A: Euro 15,000.00-25,000.00
Cat B: Euro 25,000.00-50,000.00
Cat C: + Euro 50,000.00


This horse is at an advanced stage of training and is ready to compete in show jumping events at 1.30 m – 1.35 m+ level. Ever or Never has gained further experience at competitions.


Last season, good results in 1.30 m young horse test.


A well-behaved mare, with a powerful physique and a high willingness to compete and excel in shows.

What sort of rider does this horse need?

Talented professional or semi-professional show jumping rider.