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Welcome to Beauclerc Stables


Our stable and team are at the service of the sport horses with a top priority for the safety, comfort and the optimal development of their show-jumping careers.

Located in the heart of the French ‘Horse Country’ of Normandy, the Beauclerc Stables welcomes you in the midst of 35 hectares of green pastures and a luxuriant environment. Specifically built for the needs and well-being of sport horses, the Beauclerc Stables is dedicated to the training, development and trading of young horses destined for show-jumping.

Our team is comprised of competitive and experienced riders and horse grooms who work daily for the betterment of the physical and sport’s aptitude of the horses but most importantly, on enhancing their mental comfort and attitude.

We invite you to discover through this website our team, our equestrian facilities, as well as, the profile of the sport horses that are currently under training and up for sale at the Beauclerc Stables.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for any matter relating to the Beauclerc Stables or to our resident sport horses. The team will facilitate and coordinate the travel, visit and accommodation of riders and their accompanying parties who, wish to inspect and trial-ride the horses.