Our Mission

Our Mission :

Development, training and sale of young and more mature horses.

Each horse enrolled for development at the Beauclerc Stable is closely managed as a sport’s athlete with nothing, in its direct surroundings or training program, left to chance.

We take on board young horses (starting from 5-years old) and more mature horses, train them through a balanced-mix of outdoor time, flat work and show-jumping events including national and international Grand Prix, depending on their owners’ goals.

We assiduously work with a wide network of national and international clients & owners who appreciate our serious input and reward our loyalty year-on-year.

Our objectives:

Building a long-term relationship with owners in harmony with the horses’ well-being and the set targets

At the outset, the sporting careers of the horses are determined between the owners and the trainers/managers of the Beauclerc Stables. In light thereof, each horse follows a specific training program that gradually permits the horse to attain the desired level and realize scoring results in the appropriately selected show-jumping tests and events.

We attach a great respect to the mental and physical conditions of our resident horses and, make sure that each is well-prepared both physically and technically prior to participating in the different levels of show-jumping tests and events.

Each show-jumping arena is well chosen for its technical comfort and safety, as we engage our horses to participate in show-jumping events that are adapted for their sporting levels including Young Horses’ events as well as more advanced professional shows.

Daily, each horse spends some paddock-time, a session of flat work, a round on the walker, and if planned, a jumping session in the different indoor and outdoor arenas. Our team favors and prioritizes the variation of exercises to relax the horses and prepare them for the different challenges that they might face at sporting events.

Training of a young sport’s horse requires patience and dedication and we afford our horses the proper time to mature, gain confidence and build their physical capacity, which are all necessary to achieve the desired results.

We constantly communicate with the owners to keep them informed of the status of their horses, their physical and mental welfare, and the competitive stages and levels they have reached.

Our desire :

Optimizing the mental and physical welfare of the horses at all levels

Our team of competitive and experienced riders and caretakers are complemented and assisted by a team of professionals working at different levels:

  • A team of highly qualified veterinarians with relevant skills and specializations
  • A team of farriers who are proficient in sport’s shoeing and who closely coordinate with our vet team
  • A supplier of top-quality feed adapted for the nutritious needs of sports’ horses
  • A number of other horse-specialists providing various forms of assistance such as dentists, osteopath, etc.

We closely associate our professional partners in the development of the sport’s career of resident horses, being part of the integral value-chain that is responsible for the optimal physical welfare and future sporting success of said horses.