The Team

Olivier Martin

Co-Manager & Partner


Role & Responsibilities

Olivier Martin, Co-Manager & Partner of the Ecurie de Beauclerc, is responsible for the commercial management of the enterprise as well as in charge of the training and sports development program for the horses, whether they belong to the stables or are entrusted to the latter by private owners under the diligent care of the team. The commercial side of his management responsibilities encompasses the decision to accept new horses into the stables, the training period required and, the appropriate timing for their commercialization and ultimately, their sale. The sports development part of his task consists of devising a tailored program for each horse depending on its maturity and physical capabilities which, in turn determine the level and intensity of training and the show jumping events in which they would compete.

On another level, Olivier is in charge of all that relates to the good management and proper functioning of the stables including, but not limited to, the wellbeing of the horses, the coordination of all relevant professionals (equine federations, horse associations, vets and others), the relationship with private owners and finally, the maintenance of the equestrian facilities at the best standards of comfort and security for both horses and riders.


  • 2009-2019 professional and principal rider, as well as, Stable General Manager of the Haras de Semilly of Richard Levallois
  • 2007-2009 professional rider in Germany
  • 2006-2007 professional rider in Belgium


  • BEPA Aménagement de l’Espace à Merdrignac (Brittany)
  • Fluency in French and English with basic knowledge of German.
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Karim-Antoine Souaid

Founder & Co-Manager


Role & Responsibilities

Karim-Antoine Souaid, Founder & Co-Manager of the Écurie de Beauclerc has started this project of setting up a show jumping stables in the Manche sector of the Normandy region, after the acquisition of the property located in the town of Feugères in 2012, and with the construction of modern equestrian facilities between 2013 and 2014.

An amateur rider with a passion for horses, his role & responsibilities are focused on all the strategic decisions of Beauclerc. These include the continuous investment program in sport horses, equestrian equipment and facilities, as well as, leading Beauclerc’s main objective of developing and sustaining a professional, high caliber stables, that is dedicated to the training & development of sports horses and their commercialization.


  • 2007 till Present Manager of an investment fund in charge of the monitoring of several corporations involved in different fields including, logistics, air transport, building & construction materials, collection & treatment of waste, food distribution and biometrics.
  • 2000-2007 Investment banker in charge of the Middle East and North Africa region at the Crédit Commercial de France, then at HSBC after the merger of the two banks.


  • LLB from the University of St Joseph – School of Law & Political Sciences (Lebanon)
  • LLM from Harvard University– Law School (U.S.)
  • Member of the Bar of the State of New York since 1989
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Rebecca Sevestre

Stable Manager

Role & Responsibilities

Rebecca Sevestre is a dedicated and experienced Stable Manager with a passion for equine care and show jumping. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in private stables, she has honed her skills in ensuring the well-being and optimal performance of high-caliber show jumping horses.

Rebecca’s commitment to excellence in horse management is evident in her meticulous attention to detail. She oversees all aspects of the stable’s operations, from horse nutrition and health care to training schedules and competition preparation. Her ability to create a nurturing environment for both horses and riders fosters a harmonious and successful team.

Rebecca’s dedication to maintaining a top-notch facility and her unwavering commitment to the welfare of the horses render her a key asset to any show jumping stable. Her passion for the sport and her drive to achieve excellence make her a valuable member of the Beauclerc team.