Mission :

Development, training and sale of young and more mature horses.

At Beauclerc Stables, every horse undergoes meticulous athletic management, leaving no aspect of its surroundings or training regimen to chance. We train young horses (from 5 years) and older ones, incorporating a balanced mix of outdoor exercise, flat work, and participation in national and international Grand Prix events tailored to each owner’s objectives.

Our commitment is valued by a diverse network of national and international clients who recognize our dedication and loyalty over the years.


Building a long-term relationship with owners in harmony with the horses’ well-being and the set targets

At Beauclerc Stables, our aim is to form lasting partnerships with owners who prioritize their horses’ well-being and share specific goals.

We focus on both the mental and physical health of our horses, ensuring they are well-prepared for various levels of competitions. Daily routines include paddock time, flat work, walker sessions, and customized jumping exercises to relax and ready them for challenges.

We provide regular updates to owners keep them informed about their horses’ progress, well-being, and competitive achievements.

Well-Being :

Optimizing the mental and physical welfare of the horses at all levels

We ensure the well-being of horses at all levels with a dedicated team including experienced riders, caretakers, and specialized professionals:

  • Veterinarians with advanced skills and specialties
  • Expert farriers for sport-specific shoeing, working closely with our veterinarians
  • High-quality feed suppliers tailored for sports horses’ nutritional needs
  • Additional specialists like dentists and osteopaths